Shore Forest Campground Attractions
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Our area teems with attractions, museums, awesome natural beauty, historical sites, to name some, along with dozens of opportunities to enjoy our great mountains.
About ten miles below Towanda in nearby Bradford County, you can visit the Pennsylvania Trail of History's French Azilum, located on a lovely horseshoe bend of the meandering Susquehanna River. Azilum, or Asylum, was appropriately named, for it provided a natural setting of undisturbed calm and pastoral serenity for a group of French exiles who settled here in the autumn of 1793. The settlement lasted for ten years. Take a look!

Old Mill Village museum has over a dozen structures dating from the 19th Century that have some historical connection with the surrounding area. Most were moved to the site in whole and fixed into their present positions. A few are original to the property. In the early years of the Museum's Village, Most of the Historical displays and antiquities were housed in these buildings. Upon the opening of the new Gallery building much of these rare and precious treasures were moved to this modern well lit gallery which now lets the vistor see these objects thoughout the year even in the winter when the surrounding structures are closed for the season. During the normal season most of these historic buildings along with the other trades and crafts buildings are manned by Museum staff and craftspeople to greet the visitors and demonstrate some of the trades and crafts represented.

Steamtown National Historic Site
The family may enjoy a part of American railroading that hasn't existed for nearly a century-the era of the steam locomotive! Steamtown National Historic Site was established on October 30, 1986, to further public understanding and appreciation of the role steam railroading played in the development of the United States. It is the only place in the National Park System where the story of steam railroading, and the people who made it possible, is told.
Rails to Trails is an initiative where old train lines are "remodeled" into hiking and biking trails. Here in Susquehanna County we have two separate "Rails to Trails exceeding 32 miles in length.

If hiking is a bit too slow for you try some Motocross Racing, not too far north of here. Or, if you want to drive yourself head down to US Route 6 and spin your way across Wyoming County, PA.

Whatever you do away from the campground is sure to be fun, but remember... we have all kinds of activities and events right here!
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